Hazed and Infused

OK guys, I know this is starting to look like i’m-an-ipa-fanatic.com. It just seems like IPAs just kind of land in my hand when I’m out beer-hunting. I can’t help it! I promise this will be the last IPA for a while – promise. There are so many great styles of beer out there and we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg. So even though it’s spring, I’m going to try and do some spring beers that aren’t IPAs. So without further adieu, let’s talk about this Hazed and Infused from Boulder Beer.
Appearance: This beer pours a gorgeous coppery color with a great foamy, frothy off-white head. Definitely a lot of hops going on here. The body is a bit fizzy and a bit cloudy.
Aroma: The aroma on this beer is super-hopped! Fruit and citrus abound, but mostly I smell apple and actually, peach. It took me a while to place that, but I’m pretty sure it’s a peachy smell. I’ve really got to hunt for a malt fragrance, but it’s somewhat there, a brown sugar caramel smell. There’s also a nice earth and hay smell from the yeast.
Taste: This beer tastes just like it smells! Boatloads of hops – crazy fruits and bitter up front. The earthy yeast and barely-there malts manage to save this beer from being too bitter.
Mouthfeel: Mouthfeel on this beer makes it really refreshing – light to medium in body and it lands somewhere between watery and oily. A nice balance of carbonation, too.
This beer is great for a hop head, but technically, a poor representation of it’s style. It seems to be labeled throughout the online as an American Pale Ale. If you ask me, this is more like a double IPA. There’s not a lot of balance going on in the malts and hops. So if you’re wild for hops, check this beer out, but if you’re looking for an American pale ale, you’ll get a serious surprise!

The Facts:
ABV: 4.85%
IBU: 70
Original Gravity: 12.5 Plato