Michael Jackson’s Ultimate Beer

I was thrilled to finally receive my copy of Michael Jackson‘s Ultimate Beer book that I’d ordered ages ago on Amazon. I had been looking for a good beginner’s beer guide for a while, and finally settled on this one. I’m more than excited about this book. It gives an amazing overview of the brewing process, different beer pairings, cooking with beer, how to pour different styles of beer, and an exhaustive run down of the different types of beers. If you’re looking for a great starter book, definitely check this one out!  (and that’s my reading rainbow review).


Unconventional Accessories

I happened to be browsing the store over at Dogfish Head Brewery, when I came across this belt buckle. How freaking cool is this? I mean, honestly. Leave it to those unconventional guys at that unconventional brewery to come up with swag like this.
Just think of the unlimited possibilities of this belt buckle. It:
A: Most importantly, this baby opens beer
B: Goes where you go
C: Is an incredible fashion statement
D: Shows off that you’re not only a beer snob, but a beer snob with refined tastes.
E: Holds your pants up! (when paired with the appropriate pant-holding paraphernalia).
This has to be the ultimate fashion accessory. Stop by the Dogfish Head store and pick up 1 or 10 for yourself, as well as for your friends (that would include yours truly).

Update (10 min later)
Well according to my coworker Dan, I’m a moron. Apparently these beer opening belt buckles are all over the place. Well congratulations Dan. I am seldom wrong, so enjoy it while it lasts! (bwa hahahaha)