allagash.jpgToday’s selection, the Allagash Tripel Reserve comes to us from Allagash Brewery up in Portalnd, Maine. Allagash is one of those few breweries in the US that specializes in brewing Belgian-style ales.
Appearance: Pours with a fizzy white head that diminishes fairly quickly, but not all the way. It laces nicely as well. As is customary, this beer is a bit cloudy and nicely fizzy. The body is a really nice dark golden/orange color.
Aroma: A nice perfumy beer, this beer smells primarily of apple and maybe pear. Overall, this is a really sweet smelling beer, due to the Candi Sugar that goes into this style of brew. There’s a bit of spiciness lingering in the background as well
Taste: This beer is moderately sweet up front, followed by a nice earthy yeast flavor. There’s a spiciness that kicks in at the tail end and hangs out on the back of your palate for a bit. There’s also a tinge of alcohol in the flavor, not surprising for the 9% ABV in this baby, but it’s not as overwhelming as it could be.
Mouthfeel: Light bodied, but fizzy this beer is a nice summer beer. I found it a bit dry, because of the high alcohol content.
Overall, I think this Allagash Tripel Reserve is an excellent American take on a traditional Belgian style. While I enjoyed it, and have heard that it’s one of the best of this style (in US craft-beer), I didn’t find it quite as complex in flavor as some of the Belgian Tripels I’ve tried before. But I highly recommend this beer for any of you interested in a Belgian style brewed by an American craft brewery.


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