Anchors Away!

I picked up a bottle of good old Anchor Steam. For being a widely available brew, I actually haven’t had this beer in a really long time. It was great to revisit it. Anchor Steam comes for the Anchor Brewing Company out in San Francisco. Check out their site for a great back story on how this beer got it’s name.
Appearance: Pouring with a fizzy white head, the body on this beer is a crystal clear, fizzy deep orange. Lots of bubbling and fizzing going on in this beer, though the head fades quickly and there isn’t a whole lot of lacing.
Aroma: The aroma on this beer is strong and sweet. There’s a toasted malt smell, slightly grainy and maybe faintly nutty, but I mostly smell the fragrant hops in this beer. Perfume and flowers, apple and citrus all resonate from this beer. There’s also a slightly earthy yeast smell in  the background.
Taste: Whoa! What a wallop to the palate! On first taste, there are these really strong apple flavored hops. Definitely a granny smith apple taste. Then, those toasted malts and yeast come through, surprisingly strong. Rich and bready. Finally, there’s a really bitter hop aftertaste, but that doesn’t linger for long. The jump in flavors – from hop, to malt, back to hop – is extreme.
Mouthfeel: This had a fairly light to medium mouthfeel. Highly carbonated, this beer was a bit too fizzy for me, but that made it pretty refreshing. The hops in this beer made it a little drying, and coating on the palate, though, that made it a little less refreshing.
While this beer was a little coating because of that wallop of hops, it was pretty good. A great session beer and easy to drink, it’s no wonder that Anchor Steam is so widely available.

The Facts:
ABV: 4.9%


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