Supporting Your Local Brewery

In my post a few days ago I was having a heavy debate within myself about whether or not I should stick with American craft brews or not. Today, I checked out the blog over at the Beer Mapping project. They brought up the new site started by the Brewers Association, The purpose of this site is to have a network of beer-lovers on the lookout for smaller breweries and legislation that could harm them.
This made me realize why I felt so strongly about supporting small American craft breweries. I live in New York, and while New York is one of the biggest cities, I think it has one of the last small-town environments. I mean, I know my laundry lady, I know my neighbors. I go to the same little drug store, and the same small restaurants. They aren’t just stores that I go to. These are the people in my neighborhood (if you will). Please support your local brewery by both drinking their brews, AND by receiving e-mail alerts from the Brewers Association.


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