More Dogfish Head

indian-brown.jpgI find myself amazed at just how huge a variety of beers that Dogfish Head Brewery manages to create. One could spend weeks just trying different Dogfish beers and reviewing. Today, instead of an IPA, I’m trying their Indian Brown Ale. I found it a pleasantly refreshing flavor.
Appearance: Pours a dark dark ruby color with a good 3/4″ – 1″ nutty brown head. The body (though it’s so dark you can barely see through it) is crystal clear.
Aroma: Lots of malt fragrance in this beer. Dark, roasted malts. It smells so rich, like a really really good cup of coffee. There’s also a sweet smell like molasses or deep caramel, but I largely find that roasted nutty smell. Mixing with the malts is a nice bit of hoppy smell – pine or resin type smells, a nice earthy-type hop. I also smell a little bit of a tobacco smell, which I think is a mingling of the hops and malts.
Taste: Yum! Great rich nutty roasted malts on first sip, then you get those earthy hops. Not too much, mind you. Finally the aftertaste is that coffee flavor. There’s also a bit of mingling spiciness, but I can’t quite place the flavor.
Mouthfeel: This has a surprisingly rich and full mouthfeel. Kind of creamy.
Overall, this is a great ale. Hoppier than most, probably, but I really enjoy the complexity in this beer.


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