Chumley’s Me (not-so) Lucky

So while Chumley’s wasn’t all that lucky several weeks ago after the collapse of their chimney, their beer sure is! As I mentioned in an earlier post, we happened to go to Chumley’s only
the night before said event. I tried out their Me Lucky Ale that night. So, while I don’t have a proper picture, I figured that, in anticipation of a someday re-opening Chumley’s, I’d throw this baby at you.
Appearance: Had this one on draft, of course. It arrived at my table with a 1/2″ white head, and a clear, dark amber body. The head fades fast, but there’s actually an OK amount of lacing in this beer.
Aroma: Eh, not much to be said about the aroma of this beer, but that could have been the environment. It was pretty crowded and bustling. The little bit of hoppiness that I could catch was really a hay-type scent.
Taste: Lightly hoppy up front – fruity, followed by a nice lightly toasted malt flavor. The lingering flavor is that hay-hop flavor that I picked up on smell.
Mouthfeel: Medium body with the standard oily-type mouthfeel of an ale. The hoppy flavor leaves it a little drying and leaves your tongue a little coated feeling.
My waitress informs me that the Me Lucky is technically Chumley’s beer, but brewed special for them by Chelsea Brewing Co. So here we have a special NY beer in a special NY place. Let’s hope Chumley’s can come back and keep serving us seedy New York drinkers!


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