Going Publick

southampton.jpgToday’s brew comes to us from the Hamptons – Southampton to be exact. Based out in the Hamptons in Long Island, Southampton Publick House brings us a really nice variety of beers. Today, I’m checking out their IPA.
Appearance: Pours with a large foamy head – about 1 inch. Body is a cloudy, dark orange. Not much lacing to speak of.
Aroma: Surprisingly abundant caramel malt scent for an IPA. Lots and lots of hops though, as one would expect. The first notable fragrance to hit me is banana, as well as other fruity tones like apple, peach and citrus. There’s a very faint yeasty smell, but it’s pretty much overpowered by the hops and malts.
Taste: Lots of hops and malts in this beer. Almost a little too much malt for the American IPA that this beer is supposed to be. Strikes me as a more English IPA maybe. This isn’t, mind you, a mark against this beer. Just not quite what I expected.
Mouthfeel: Standard IPA – medium body, oily feel. Not much of a lingering aftertaste.
Overall, this is a pretty good, drinkable beer. If you’re hop-crazy, stick with something a little stronger, but if you’d like a nice, smooth IPA, this one’s a keeper!


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