Hopped Up

lagunitas.jpgIt’s gotten to the point in my beer-tasting “career” that people think of me and pick up new beers they see. I’m very OK with that. Someone brought me this Lagunitas IPA, brewed in Petaluma, CA. Lagunitas says on their website that this IPA is brewed with “43 different hops and 65 various malts.” That’s a heck of a lot of flavor going on there, so I was ready to taste this sucker.
Appearance: This beer poured with a really big, fizzy white head, which left a lot of lacing. The first glass was a crystal clear ruby brown, but glass #2, the bottom of the bottle, had a lot of yeasty sediment.
Aroma: Considering all of the hops and malts going on in this beer, I didn’t catch a lot of smell. Whether it was my environment (lots of food smells going on when I tried this beer out) or my nose, I’m not sure. I mostly caught some bread and hay scents from the malts. A little bit of hops were present, floral and citrusy.
Taste: In contrast to the weak aroma, this beer was full of good flavor. Bitter hops up front rounded out by a really nice rich malt flavor. I really liked the balance of this beer.
Mouthfeel: Standard IPA mouthfeel for an IPA, watery to oily.
Overall, I must say I really enjoyed this beer, but I wonder if I should try it again soon. I didn’t find it incredibly hoppy or fragrant, whereas most of the reviewers on Beer Advocate found that it was.

The Facts:
ABV: 5.70%
IBU: 45.6
Original Gravity: 1.059


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  1. rajbot said,

    May 16, 2009 at 6:11 pm

    FWIW, *fresh* Lagunitas IPA is a much different experience than a bottle that’s been sitting around for awhile. Lag’s IPA is my favorite beer at the moment, and I find if I get a bottle from somewhere that takes care of their beer, it’s wonderful: orange-y fruity notes and a blast of hops. If I get an old one, it’s not much better than say, a neglected draft Sierra Nevada.

    In CA, if you buy a Lagunitas out of a refrigerated case of a store that regularly rotates or sells out their stock, you’re going to have a fine beer. (The Lagunitas IPA Maximus is also pretty incredible).

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