Unconventional Accessories

I happened to be browsing the store over at Dogfish Head Brewery, when I came across this belt buckle. How freaking cool is this? I mean, honestly. Leave it to those unconventional guys at that unconventional brewery to come up with swag like this.
Just think of the unlimited possibilities of this belt buckle. It:
A: Most importantly, this baby opens beer
B: Goes where you go
C: Is an incredible fashion statement
D: Shows off that you’re not only a beer snob, but a beer snob with refined tastes.
E: Holds your pants up! (when paired with the appropriate pant-holding paraphernalia).
This has to be the ultimate fashion accessory. Stop by the Dogfish Head store and pick up 1 or 10 for yourself, as well as for your friends (that would include yours truly).

Update (10 min later)
Well according to my coworker Dan, I’m a moron. Apparently these beer opening belt buckles are all over the place. Well congratulations Dan. I am seldom wrong, so enjoy it while it lasts! (bwa hahahaha)


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