Not-So-Magic Hat

Since I wrapped up my series on stouts, we’re wide open to try different types of beers. I returned back to that old Magic Hat variety pack that I’d picked up a week or two ago and decided to review the final beer – the 60 Winks Ale. Wow! What a disappoint60wink.jpgment! Magic Hat, I love you, but this is NOT the best beer I’ve tasted from you…
Appearance: This beer has a pretty nice appearance. A frothy white head dissipates pretty quickly. The body is quite clear and bubbly, a very golden yellow.
Aroma: Aroma, again, not bad. A lot of malts, a corn/meal kind of smell, a bit of grass and pine hops. There’s also a faint scent of alcohol lingering in there too.
Taste: What a disappointment! This beer has little flavor. Some hop bitterness up front and those corny malts. A bit of a yeasty aftertaste, but mostly… there’s nothin’ going on here. This tastes really watery and almost soapy.
Mouthfeel: Mouthfeel doesn’t help us out here. 60 Winks is really carbonated, but watery. I guess on a hot day, one might find it refreshing. There’s a little bit of metallics and bitter going on here. Generally, it isn’t the mouthfeel or a particular taste that’s steering me away from this beer, just the lack thereof.
Overall, I feel really bad disliking this beer, though I know I’m not alone. While some reviewers find many Magic Hat beers watery, I tend to really enjoy them, especially the No. 9. I don’t think they set themselves up very well, either, as the label on this baby is probably one of the most unattractive I’ve seen. A guy sleeping on a bed? Yuck… Sorry Magic Hat 😦

The Facts:
ABV: 5.8%
IBUs: 35
SRM: 5.0
Gravity: 1.056


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