Chocolatey Goodness

Another stout! Today’s stout is Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout. While many stouts boast a bit of chocolately flavor, some stouts are brewed to specicially to enhance that flavor, making a great beer to accompany your favorite dessert! Now I’m a big dessertchoco.jpg eater. And I’m a big beer drinker. But like two rival siblings, I’ve never been able to get these two favorites of mine to get along. I was curious how my Black Chocolate Stout was going to pair with the chocolate cookies I was having for dessert. But first, let’s talk basics:
Appearance: This beer pours with little to no head, but I get a good bit of lacing on my cup, as you can probably see in the photo. The color is as black as black can be. I can’t see anything through it.
Aroma: It’s all chocolate in this baby. Nice, dark chocolate. A bit of coffee undertones, but mostly, this makes me think of biting into a nice chunk of really good bitter dark chocolate. Wow… I’m making myself hungry…
Taste: Bitter up front. A surprising bit of hoppiness there, which in combination with the chocolate flavor definitely brings that bitter chocolate to mind. Then, the bitterness dissappates and the brings forward a rich, roasty choclate flavor and hints of espresso. Aftertaste is a lingering coffee flavor.
Mouthfeel: Super creamy and smooth mouthfeel. This beer is surprisingly drinkable. While the flavor is intense and powerfull, it’s smooth and not too filling. There’s a bit of astringent aftertaste, as this baby has a whopping 10.1% ABV.
Now for the real test. Does the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout fight nicely with my chocolate cookie? You’d better believe it! I’m an official convert. This pairing is amazing. The cookie is super sweet and when I wash it down with the beer, the chocolate flavores match rather than clash, and the alcohol just washes everything down.
Way to go Brooklyn Brewery. This is definitely one of the most pleasant beer surprises I’ve ever had 🙂

The Facts:
ABV: 10.1%
Original Gravity: 24.0


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