Winter Warmer

This morning, St. Patrick’s Day, New York woke up to this:winter.jpg

It was definitely time for a winter warmer, so last night I picked the Imperial Stout for my stout of choice. The imperial stout was originally brewed by Barclay’s Brewery in London with express purpose to export to the Tsar in Russia. This is why you’ll often see this beer referred to as the “Russian imperial stout”. Basically, the imperial stout has a higher alcohol content, which was intended to preserve it for the long export from England to Russia (9-10% is standard, compared to your average stout around 5%ish). The high alcohol content doubles as a warmer against cold weather. These beers also tend to have a rich malty taste with chocolate and coffee undertones and hints of fruit. Today’s imperial stout – The Victory Storm King.
As mentioned in a previous post, I really dig Victory Beer. So when I saw that New Beer was carrying my one of storm.jpgmy favorites, I couldn’t wait for the chance to add them to my lineup. The much acclaimed Storm King lived up to it’s task. It both warmed and satisfied my taste buds.
Appearance: Pouring as black as night, this beer initially boasted a fairly sizable head, about 1″, which quickly dissappated to a pleasant lacing on top.
Aroma: Yum! Lots of aroma here. Much different than yesterday’s Goose Island Oatmeal Stout. This stout boasts a surprising hop fragrance of pine and flowers. I even detect a slight fruity scent like apple. The malts smell of dark toasty chocolate and a hint of espresso, I smell a lot of molasses, too. There’s a little bit of alcohol smell, but nothing overpowering.
Taste: Double yum! The hops are bitter up front but quickly roll over to that malty flavor of molasses, chocolate and coffee. There’s an incredible balance to the hops and malts here that make this beer so very drinkable.
Mouthfeel: This is an incredibly smooth beer, somewhere between creamy and oily, but closer to oily. This beer is an examble of the great body and feel that a stout can have. Full-bodied yet drinkable.

The Facts:
ABV: 9.1%


1 Comment

  1. james said,

    March 19, 2007 at 3:52 am

    thats cool about the higher alcohol content to preserve the beer. I like a higher alcohol content anyway. Not to sure about the chocolate and coffee undertones but I’ll give it a try. I always liked Molson XXX out of Canada. I know, what can I say, I am a simple guy

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