Another Extreme from Dogfish Head

dogfish-ipa-copy.jpgConsidering that I’m wrapping up my IPA study with this beer, I couldn’t have picked a wilder choice. Wow. You want flavour? Look no further than Dogfish Head. Burton Baton is an oak-aged double IPA.
Appearance: This beer pours thick and deep amber. The most head I got out of it was maybe 1/4 of an inch and it quickly faded to just a few bubbles on top.
Aroma: WOW! That’s aroma. My nose is assaulted by apple and raspberry scents, flowers and grass, a very slight scent of pine and citrus. I can also smell a sweet maltiness to it.
Taste: This beer’s taste certainly reflects it’s smell. Super fruity and bitter. Then the malts come through – sweet like a cookie as well as that oak flavor. That sweet hop and malt flavor sticks around on your tongue.
Mouthfeel: This beer has a pretty serious mouthfeel to it. A lot of body with an alcohol aftertaste

I came into this beer thinking blech! Too much cloying sweetness and the whopping 10% alcohol makes you want to chase it with water almost. But after thinking about it, these sweet double IPAs are their own kind of craft. I think it’s another level of taste and flavor that I’m just not normally looking for. While I feel that 1/2 a beer is overwhelming, a lot of people out there really seem to dig this kind of beer. So while I’m not so into it, I think it’s still a finely crafted beer.

The Facts
ABV – 10%


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