The Old Fashioned Sierra Nevada

snipa.jpgI’ve got to say that I find Sierra Nevada to be one of the best, widely available micro brews. I can always count on their Pale Ale at just about any local watering hole, though I’d never had their IPA. Since about 1980 Sierra Nevada has been brewing from Chico, CA. Now, it seems, that Sierra Nevada is available in pretty much all 50 states. That’s a great success story for micro brews and Sierra Nevada still puts out a quality beer.

Appearance: This beer pours with a huge head for an IPA, probably a little over an inch, that took a while to diminish. When it did, I had little mountains of lacing on the top of my glass. Color-wise, this IPA is a dark orangey-amber.
Aroma: Mostly a piney-resiny smell to this IPA, though I do detect hints of grass and slight citrus. I smell the malts a lot in this one. A toasted caramel fragrance as well as a slight yeasty dough smell.
Taste: On first taste, this beer came on pretty darn bitter. It had that metally-bottle kind of taste, if that makes sense at all. After the first sip though, it was all hops. Pretty bitter that fades to a pretty decent maltyness. Overall a pretty good reflection on the aroma.
Mouthfeel: A standard IPA mouthfeel, water to oily with a lively amount of carbonation.
Overall, I enjoyed this beer, but I think I prefer Sierra Nevada’s regular Pale Ale for which they’re so well known. While this one is a little more bitter, I didn’t note a whole lot of difference between the two (though I wasn’t drinking them back to back).

The Facts:
ABV: 6.9%


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