To Spring!

hipa-copy.jpgThe spring seasonals are rolling out and I was lucky enough to score me Magic Hat Brewery’s Joe’s Garage variety pack. My first pick was the HI.P.A., as I’m an IPA kinda girl.
Appearance: The HI.P.A. poured a pretty sunset orangey-gold color with a nice off-white head that had pretty good retention. A pretty nice looking beer

Smell: This beer had a great hoppy smell to it. Man if I could bottle the smell of an IPA I think I’d wear it as perfume. It has a great resin type scent, a bit of citrus and pine, probably that green hop kind of smell.

Mouthfeel: This was somewhere between dry and watery to me, but that’s pretty standard for an IPA.

Taste: This starts out hoppy, then you taste the malts, maybe a little more hops and it leaves me with a bit of yeasty-citrusy aftertaste. Overall pretty good, but for an IPA, I want to be assaulted by hops. Maybe I’m biased because my favorite is the Victory Hop Devil – now those are hops! But for the most part, this was a pretty good IPA. Had I been drinking this in the proper climate – a nice warm summer day on the porch – instead of New York City, cooped into my apartment on a 20 degree March evening.

The Facts
IBU: 45
ABV: 6.8
Gravity: 1.066
SRM: 6.8


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