resserver.jpgI don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but I’m new to reviewing beer. I love beer. Not like, getting drunk, but I love how unique every beer is. The decision to start this blog, was to learn on my own, and with the beer community. That said, maybe we can learn together. I’ll tell you about my beer experiences, and you tell me! I’ll share new stuff I learn with you, as long as you share with me. Do we have a deal? Cool, so now I’m going to give you a link to this great article at The article not only describes how to rate beer, but they also link to an excellent document to help you rate beer. Though I’ve read about reviewing beer a lot, it’s still a bit of a mystery to me. Every beer seems to have “a nice amber color” a “decent amount of carbonation” and a “pleasant hoppy aroma”. Ha. I’m going to try and get better at this, so bear with me! I’m open to your comments and input as well (but please be constructive).


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