My All-around Fave

Our next beer, Magic Hat Brewery’s No9, is my always-dependable beer because I can get it here in New York City. Based in Burlington, Vt (a great micro-brew city by the way), Magic Hat is a widely available, high quality brewery. By far my #2 choice next to Victory.

The No9 pours with a nice head and a nice rich dark gold color. The scent is nice and fruity, but not too fruity. Mostly, you’ll catch the apricot scent that the beer is infused with. Upon drinking, it’s nice and smooth and goes down easy and leaves you with a brief but powerful fruity/hoppy aftertaste. The No9 can go down pretty easy, maybe even too easy, but I find that, despite the 4.6 ABV, it doesn’t get me too tipsy. This is a great beer to have every day, sitting around the game consul playing a few games (at least that’s my favorite application). Described as a “Not quite pale ale” by the brewery, I definitely agree. A good choice to appease a wide crowd if your having a get together.

The Facts:
ABV 4.6
Bitterness 18
Gravity 1.047
SRM 9.0
Visit the Magic Hat Website for even more great info on this beer.


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