Glamour Shot

Glam Shot

Every time a drink a beer I take a little snap-a-roo so you guys can see the color and get a gist for the beer. Last night when I took my Brooklyn Lager photos, I noticed this great reflection of the bottle cap. Thought it may make a good desktop, so feel free to download away!


Local Flavor

Brooklyn Brewery LagerBrooklyn Brewery makes one of my favorite lagers. I have to confess that my favorite beers are ales and stouts. But this lager took me by surprise the first time I tried it, perhaps because it so closely resembles an ale. Upon pouring, the Brooklyn Lager gets a nice head on it, about 1/2 inch, that fades into a yeasty lace on top. This lager has a nice dark golden color, and light hoppy floral/citrus smell. Upon tasting, the beer has a very pleasant amount of hoppiness and light citrus flavor and is a little fizzy going down but leaves a nice malt flavor aftertaste. For a beer that Brooklyn Brewery describes simply as “brewed only with malted barley, hops, water and yeast”, those four ingredients truly show the magic behind beer.

The Facts:
ABV 5.2%
Original Gravity 13.2

My All-around Fave

Our next beer, Magic Hat Brewery’s No9, is my always-dependable beer because I can get it here in New York City. Based in Burlington, Vt (a great micro-brew city by the way), Magic Hat is a widely available, high quality brewery. By far my #2 choice next to Victory.

The No9 pours with a nice head and a nice rich dark gold color. The scent is nice and fruity, but not too fruity. Mostly, you’ll catch the apricot scent that the beer is infused with. Upon drinking, it’s nice and smooth and goes down easy and leaves you with a brief but powerful fruity/hoppy aftertaste. The No9 can go down pretty easy, maybe even too easy, but I find that, despite the 4.6 ABV, it doesn’t get me too tipsy. This is a great beer to have every day, sitting around the game consul playing a few games (at least that’s my favorite application). Described as a “Not quite pale ale” by the brewery, I definitely agree. A good choice to appease a wide crowd if your having a get together.

The Facts:
ABV 4.6
Bitterness 18
Gravity 1.047
SRM 9.0
Visit the Magic Hat Website for even more great info on this beer.

My Favorite Beers

Is it biased to list my very favorite beers? Is it biased that most of them are in my home town? Well, call it coincidence, but they are. My very favorite beer is brewed in my home town of Downingtown, PA at Victory Brewing Company. This tiny little brewery gives us a slate of some of the most AMAZING beers. The super hoppy Hop Devil is my very favorite and the dark, but the not too heavy Storm King Imperial Stout comes in second. All of the Victory beers are great, and if you can get them in your area, I really encourage you to check out all of the Victory brews!

Welcome to On Tap!

Welcome to my new blog! This blog will follow all of my adventures in beer drinking. And boy, they can be adventurous! I chose the name Magic Bevvie because I think Beer really is a magical beverage. Ok, putting that in writing makes it sound way cheesier than I meant and conjures up that “Oh oh oh it’s MAGIC! You knoooow” song. Anyway, the process of making and tasting beer is like a fascinating science meets magic meets good-belly-feels to me. Here, I’ll chronicle all the cool drinks and eats and nifty things I find out about beer. So enjoy the adventures or mis-adventures, whatever they may be!!